Dream Himax®

Dream Fever®

Dream Himax® [Dream Fever®] is a trendy and quality New York-based fashion-forward eyewear supplier. Since 2005, Dream Himax® [Dream Fever®] has been a trusted business partner for optometrists, opticians, and retail stores/dispensaries nationwide.

Our specialty is choice. We carry a complete collection of  men's, women's and kids' frames using all types of materials, such as wood, acetate, stainless steel, titanium etc. We are sure we will be able to satisfy all your needs because we supply many types of frames and cater to a variety of needs. 

We offer hot-selling eyeglasses, great service, and competitive prices that will bring more business to our customers. We often have many new, pretty models to offer. Our lineup of products spans various styles and colors, which meets various eyewear market segments. All in all, our customers are all in love with our products.